Winter 2015

After the soft breeze of summer the winter makes its approach and northern wind erase the summer heat. Nordic legends comes to life. Opening a new era a new season as beautiful as a plain white scandinavian drawing.

Althea winter collection is a perfect fit to modern women. Quality garments and well fitting cuts have always been the core of the brand, and the new collection is no exception by offering fresh pieces to enrich the wardrobe without making any compromises in these essential values.

The season starts with a “back to business” feeling where the classical black is combined with the grey and is brightened up with lilac and shades of blue.
The color palette is built on a darker core with ebony leading to warmth, supporting and enhancing other colors of the collection.
As the cold winds of the winter are approaching, the whole attitude of the collection gets softer and warmer. Autumn neutrals are paired with the highlight of the palette plum purple
creating a pure blast of energy, whereas grey serves as a great fashion partner to navy blue.

The strong environmentally conscious Althea women create their own unique lifestyle!